GENERATION NEXT: Ariel Resnikoff

In Winter

Each night begins
low as one speaks to a child,
as one writes in white chalk
on the street.

The village boys burn leaves outside the
break bottles into evening.
Watching through a peephole at the door
rather thickly, in a slow way,
the smoke
of withering brush
into snow.

“If man could only wither so thickly,
if a man could only burn like brush
into snow, so thickly,
he might survive
each night as it began.”

And after the boys go
there is a desk,
a clock-radio,
some books; and the man,
his soft flesh
fills the room.
There is no smoke
for his withering.

From Between Shades (Materialist Press, 2014)

Ariel Resnikoff is a poet, translator and editor. His most recent works include a chapbook, Between Shades (Materialist Press, 2014) & the collaborative pamphlet, Ten Four: Poems, Translations, Variations (The Operating System, 2015), with Jerome Rothenberg. He is an editor-at-large on Global Modernists on Modernism (Bloomsbury, forthcoming) & curates the “Multilingual Poetics” reading/talk series at Kelly Writers House. Ariel completed his BA at McGill University in Montreal. He spent many an afternoon at The Word reading, perusing the dollar-shelves and entertaining the staff with tales of travel and train hopping.

(photo by Andrea Augé.)