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Generation Next: Warsan Shire

Each month we will feature a different up-and-coming author, poet or playwright in the ‘Generation Next’ section of our e-newsletter. This month we featured poet and prolific twitter poster Warsan Shire.



“I have my mother’s mouth
and my father’s eyes;
on my face they are
still together.”

-Warsan Shire is a twenty-six year old Somali-British poet. In 2011, She releasedTeaching My Mother How To Give Birth, a poetry pamphlet published by flipped eye. Her full collection of poetry will be published in 2016. Shire was selected as the Young Poet Laureate of London in 2014, the city’s first. Many of Shire’s poems explore the topics of belonging and displacement. She is also well-known for her humorous and scathing tweets and blog posts on pop culture.

Shire was recently profiled for The New Yorker.
Follow her on twitter. 

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