Metatron Press will be accepting submissions for the 2016 Metatron prize in January.

The editors over at Metatron have been working overtime this year. In October, the Montreal-based independent press launched three titles: Teen Surf Goth by Oscar d’Artois, Pony Castle by Sofia Banzhaf and Looking Good and Having a Good Time by Fawn Parker.

Founded by Ashley Opheim in late 2013 (Guillaume Morissette soon joined her as co-editor) with the goal of promoting young and up-and-coming authors, Metatron now boasts 16 titles available in bookstores across Canada. Every year Opheim, Morissette and Metatron newcomer Jay Winston Ritchie plan to select a recipient for the Metatron Prize (this year the prize went to Sofia Banshaf) the winner of which gets to publish their first book with the press.

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